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Patient Testimonials

It is our goal that wash of our patients recieve not only the highest quality surgical care

but also a positive overall experience

Carolyn - Para Thyroid Surgery

Lindy, Barbara and Dr. Muffoletto, thanks again for all your assistance and smiling faces for a new patient.  Please pass on to Dr. Muffoletto that I would recommend him because He's Italian and Gives Hugs!


Top notch!  Lindy and Barbara made you felt welcome and at ease as a new patient.  Very courteous and and professional.  (the process) was all excellent, answered all questions and very helpful with paperwork.  My calcium level is where it should be now.  I would highly recommend Dr. Muffoletto to friends for surgery.  I had faith and confidence in him before and after the procedure.  

Cristy - Robotic Ventral Hernia Repair

Professional, timely, succinct.  (An) efficient staff no waiting, pleasant and fully informed feedback, assistance with insurance.  Helpful staff, well coordinated.  Doctor checked in, (and the) recovery staff excellent.  (I’m) still recovering slowly, hard for me.  Hope to resume life soon.  (Dr. Muffoletto) was professional, knowledgeable, patient, efficient with great bedside manner

Debra - Laporoscopic Adhesioysis with Conversion of open Sigmoid Colectomy

A very kind and caring office from my initial contact both by phone and in person.  They listen and want to help you.  (It was) excellent.  From my first contact on the phone Lindy gave me precise direction as to what she would need in my medical history for Dr. Muffoletto to review.  She took care of Providence information I got (from) Dr. Boisen.  What a team! I am in week 1 of an 8 week recovery period.  I am feeling better, still have a ways to go.  Do it! Dr. Muffoletto was great during my hospital stay and after care.  He has kept me informed on each step.  I am very thankful I found him.

Peter - Abdominal Hernia Surgery

I think of an outstanding well run office and organization committed to patient care and well-being. On the scale of 1 to 10 I give them a 12!  My procedure went flawlessly from start to finish, outstanding in every aspect.  Dr. Muffoletto and staff far exceeded my expectations.  (I had a) very difficult and complicated repair of two extremely large abdominal hernias both resulting from the onset of diverticulitis.  The removal of a colostomy and repair of two hernias in one long operation.  It totally gave me my life back and is allowing me to continue the pursuit of my occupation as a heavy industrial pipefitter / welder.  This experience is going to be in the hands of one of the most articulate talented surgeons Alaska has to offer.  In other words, you will be getting (a) First Class, top of the line professional. In my opinion I would be hard pressed to find a better surgeon anywhere in the country.

Lorraine - Colon Resection

Dedicated to positive health care and successful surgery.  I live out(side) of Anchorage and they did as much paperwork via email and phone as possible.  It helped streamline my appointments.    (I had) colon resection on April 1, (L) breast lumpectomy due to breast cancer.  The doctor and his staff assisted me with referrals and post / pre -surgery needs.  Very thorough in his skills.  No infections or post complications.  I highly recommend Dr Muffoletto!  Choose him first over my other surgeon.

Teresa  -  Parathyroidectomy

Very kind and helps you from the beginning of your treatment to the end!  Everything was ready and easy to complete all paperwork. I’m hoping to never have kidney stones again.  I feel that he (Dr. Muffoletto) is very good and I would trust him again.

Tamara  -  Thyroid removal

So kind and friendly. I always felt comfortable and respected. Dr. Muffoletto was honest and straight forward and treated me so kindly.  The process was very easy.  From the first meeting this was a professional and very well run office. Paperwork is streamlined, the booking process was very simple.  Everyone works to make things sosmooth and easy.  The surgery center is a highlight as well.  I wish I had done it sooner.  The surgery was simple, the recovery was painless, the follow up care was easy.  I should have done this years ago!  Do not delay. The surgery center was amazing – so professional, clean, easy in and out.  After care was a breeze.  Dr. Muffoletto is kind, calm, (and) very talented.  I wish I had done this surgery years earlier.  Very pleased!

Nicole  -  Transabdominal Hernia Repair

Absolutely outstanding patient support.  Dr. Muffoletto is an expert in his field with a comforting presence. The office staff is caring, friendly and endlessly helpful with any questions or issues.  My hernia surgery let me get back to my life!  I can't thank you enough for being so patient and kind while I worked through my insurance issue.  Wishing you all the best in 2022!

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